Our Services

“At MOcons we believe …” – we derive our services from our beliefs.

As economists we are dedicated to the economic idea of efficiency. This concept is the recurrent theme of our consulting projects.
In business analyses we try to answer the classic question of how we can improve the service delivery in terms of cost and service. However, companies will only be able to act efficiently in accordance with their clients and the environment, if the legal and institutional conditions allow it. This is where our economic analyses come in. Intersectoral and international projects stimulate our thinking and further drive us.

Our consulting projects, exemplified here, are multifaceted – and we are looking forward to new challenges.
Business Analyses
  • Modelling of new pricing models for water supply
  • Research project for the development of new pricing models for wastewater disposal
  • Investment appraisals for rainwater disposal
  • Cost calculation and classification with water suppliers and wastewater disposal contractors
  • Efficiency analyses for German water suppliers
  • Implementation of process analyses (e.g. for BKZ, HAK, LWV)
  • Customer service with German water suppliers and wastewater disposal contractors
  • Flexibility analyses of electricity use for realisation of profits (“Demand Response Management”)
Data-Based Analyses/IT Programming
  • Development of new pricing models of up to 1 million data sets
  • Development of an internet tool (HTML, JavaScript and PHP) for water suppliers: Examination of conversion need of pricing models (www.tarifmodell-wasser.de)
  • Efficiency analyses by means of statistical methods
Economic Analyses
  • Study on local rainwater treatment and drainage
  • Survey on partial privatisation of Berliner Wasserbetriebe
  • Analyses on amendment of the Renewable Energy Law (e.g. energy recovery of distant water suppliers)
  • Study on the possibility of the introduction of higher competition (tender, regulation, benchmarking)
  • Estimation of efficiency potentials for German wastewater disposal
  • Economic analysis of instruments of the German water conservation
  • Preparation of dynamic projections regarding the development of water pricing in case of fall in demand
  • Conceptional further development of antitrust suits
    • Study for the identification of voluntary services in water conservation and possible consideration in antitrust suits
    • Survey on the term of “rational management” (§ 31 IV No. 3 GWB n.F.)
    • Assistance in concrete antitrust suits (both on the side of the antitrust agency and the water supplier)
Exchange of Know-How with other Network Sectors
  • Position paper on technical and economic correlations of district heat supply and its implications for alternative pricing models
  • Modelling of new pricing models for dstrict heat supply
  • Comparative study on regulation rates of different network sectors
  • Study on regulatory market access conditions regarding selective European letter markets
  • Investment appraisals for wind energy plants
  • Cost calculation and classification in the power sector
  • Monitoring of network price proposals in the course of the German incentive regulation
  • Various research projects for the Federal Network Agency in the area of national and European railway systems
  • Comparative analysis for hydropower delivery in Germany and England
Exchange of Know-How in an Internationalen Context
  • Organisation and monitoring of benchmarking activities in the areas of water supply and wastewater disposal on emerging markets and in less developed countries
  • Consultancy with the organisation of regulatory authorities inside and outside of govermental departments
  • Development of instruments and methods for regulators on emerging markets and in less developed countries (both for the regulation of water markets and water resources and for post regulation)
  • Organisational development of regulatory authorities
  • Sole non-British expert on the Advisory Panel on Future Regulation of the English water regulator OFWAT
  • Pricing models for individual water suppliers and wastewater disposal contractors on emerging markets and in less developed countries as well as formulation of national pricing classification strategies
  • Best practice analysis of drinking water quality regulation with special focus on implementation strategies